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The Calvin’s Legacy Foundation strives to raise awareness and acceptance of special needs
individuals so they can thrive in our society, just like Calvin. Our sweet baby boy, Calvin Dean Curtis was born with an undiagnosed genetic disorder. He endured his first surgery at six days old, and passed away almost seven years later from complications of his seventeenth surgery.  Anyone who had the pleasure of meeting him loved him.  We want this love to live on as his legacy to help other people with special needs feel empowered, supported, and most importantly—loved.


We believe in helping people with special needs thrive.

Our Mission

We want to enrich the lives of special needs individuals by:

  • Providing access to a variety of life experiences

  • Helping them with the activities of daily living

  • Promoting awareness and acceptance

  • Overcoming the obstacles faced by special needs persons through fundraising and community activism

Our Mission

Our Vision

Our vision comes to life through our actions. We've made so much progress and look forward to what's next on the horizon. We are moved to see the impact our work can have on the lives of others through grants and activism. Some examples of this work include:

  • Calvin's Corner at the Ashland Community Resource Center

  • Handicapped Accessible Swings for Ashland Parks

  • Scholarship endowment for Special Education Teachers at UNL

  • Adaptive Classroom for Ashland-Greenwood Public Schools

We Need Your Support Today!

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