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  • Jodi Curtis

2023 Grant Recap

What an exciting year it was for us here at CLF. One exciting thing that this year brought us was a working relationship with a social worker at Children's Hospital in Kearney Nebraska. It has been an amazing opportunity to build this collaboration and look forward to it growing in the future.

 As always, our grant is for items that insurance will not, or chose not to cover. Miguel’s family can now transport him to Church and family activities with their $1800 foldable transport chair! Kayce is smiling so BIG and happy with his new braces and wheelchair. An unwanted insurance change due to employer change left his family stuck in the insurance limbo for both items. Nancy can now safely get both of her children out of the house for appointments and errands without having to fear injury to themselves or each other thanks to the Wonderfold Wagon.

With all these applications coming through, we have almost depleted our entire grant account in 2023. That is our goal every year, and this year we DID IT! To every person who has ever donated with time, money, or items…know that this is your victory too!

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